Welcome to Namso Gen!!! New in the digital field? Have a firm or organization or startup or are you just a normal person who signs up on various websites and is frustrated by several blockages telling you to register your credit card even if the service you are using is free? All your problems will be solved by us. Ours is a technology that specializes in solving data challenges in various situations in the moments of your business.

The Namsogen software using Luhn algorithm and so it does not have a value in real life. Keeping the technical stuff aside you are just creating a fake identity and a fake credit card for the purpose of research and development at the cost of nothing. There are many a times when you don’t have a credit card or are not willing to give away your personal information on public platforms because privacy matters.

Here our credit cards and fake data management comes to play and therefore you need not even worry as these are not real and do not enable any transaction. These cards even do not belong to a particular person also. You are not going to be questioned for it. Just like people use fake age to create their Google account, you are creating a fake credit card and identity for research and educational purposes only.

Fake credit card number generator is excellent software that produces a dummy credit card number for many different purposes. However, it is essential  to know that using fake credit card number generator for illegal purposes can lead you to break the law and bring you to serious problems.

Are you building a shopping website? You will need fake credit card numbers for your testing. You can’t really use the real credit card numbers because the website is in testing stage and anything may go wrong. If you are new to the business sector, or you are an entrepreneur you can even generate email, social media such as Instagram, Facebook etc.

Let’s suppose you are working on the database side of stuff and you are creating some ETL packages or you are creating reports or you have a set of tables that you have just created but you do not have any data to test the structure with, that is where the random data really becomes very handy. If it is going to take a while for the production data to make its way to the database you can generate random data on your own, load it to the database and do all sorts of testing you need.

You can even create newer structures and just go on with the testings without actually relying or depending on some data or some person to send that data. In corporate field there is really a chance for your growth if you learn self help i.e. helping yourself. If you wont help yourself who will?

You can just use the data to do wonders and make the co workers jealous and make them come to you to ask how you performed that miracle. Moreover it is free and you don’t require to spend a single penny from your pocket and this is helping you so much already. Do give it a thought and consider recommending it to other people as well who are struggling out there just waiting for the data waiting hours and hours looking at the blank screens before them

The only word you are going to remember now is “Scam”, right? No way, go through our privacy policy and understand it. Only because there are many legal uses, the online credit card generators are not prohibited. If you are really caught performing a scam or fraud, you may be sued and the company is not responsible for it. So, don’t ever dare to use the Namso Gen credit card generator for illegal purposes. We repeat and emphasize that it is made only for research, development, and educational purposes. Don’t believe, check it out yourself.

Few of the most relevant doubts among the beginners are :-

1.        Are the credit cards real?

A)           No, the credit cards are not real and do not have any value in real life. They are just the temporary alternative in enterprise situations, in unavoidable situations.

2.        When the cards are not real, are the numbers valid?

A)           Yes absolutely, the numbers are valid. The reason is that we use a special Luhn algorithm to check the important details such as the card number, credit card verification number and expiry date and hence provide the number only when all of them are real and valid. We do not provide broken or not working numbers.

3)  Is it completely free or are there any hidden costs?

A) It is completely  free and there are NO hidden costs. You just need to register for an API key and there you go, you are ready with your fake identity and credit card number for research, educational and research purpose.